Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This piece has been bothering me for a while and didn't seem quite finished. Probably because it had over an inch of empty space, which I don't do well with! So I finished it :) Sorry for the strange photo, it's balanced on some containers in a well ventilated area for some UV protectant varnish. I'll post a better photo later with truer color.

This what it looked like before. The color is more accurate in this shot.   
 Finally finished and ready for the varnishing table.
This big guy is 24x24"mixed media (mostly paper) on cradled board. I dreamed up "Runaway Rocker"when a small carnival came to town last year and I saw all the long suffering and roughed up merry go round horses who spend their lives making children smile and laugh and imagined that they in their later years, might dream of open fields and blue skies, free from sticky fingers or kicking heels. I know they're not alive, but who hasn't read "The Velveteen Rabbit" and imagined how a toy feels?