Monday, December 7, 2009

"Familiar Gestures" 8x10 inch, collage

                                                                  Happy Holidays!
As I sit in church meetings, restaurants or even walking through my son's high school, dreaming about my next project , I keep noticing how all people use pretty much the same familiar unconscious gestures to express emotion. Including this one that Kristen Stewart is currently making famous, the "hair tuck" behind the ear.

Thanks to all the friends who helped create the backdrop for the creche exhibit! Especially Julie Zelasko who spent many, many hours painting and putting up with my bossiness, now that's a good friend! Also, Josie, Jeremy, J.D., Jordan, Reina, Scott and Brenda for pitching in and making it fun...

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  1. Thanks for the picture...I heard your painting was incredible. I was out of town, so I'm glad to see it!