Friday, September 25, 2009

"Springtime" diptych, 2- 5x7 inch, colored pencil

We had our first snow of the year here in Colorado this week. It made me face up to Winter's imminent arrival and look forward to Spring! Here's a light study of beautiful blooming Maple trees in Raymond , Maine. I'll always remember how they seemed to glow in the springtime.

"Follow the Leader" 4x12 inch, gouache and ink

 Just a quick exercise in patterning - dogs running full out, having a great time together- They're a joy to watch!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"In Her Favorite Boots, She Can Take On The World" 11x14 inches, collage

When you're wearing your favorite pair , your whole day just goes so much better. Here's to all the Cowgirls out there whose favorite shoes are Boots! My new paper painting for "Boots to Heal" is finally finished! They're a great charity organization out of Texas to benefit those suffering with childhood cancers. This is in memory of my brother-in-law who I look forward to meeting on the other side. :)

           Close-up of Boot